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The Botanical Garden of Faial is an ecological garden, component of the Faial Nature Park, established in 1986 to educate and protect the biodiversity common on Faial, an island of the Azores archipelago. Address: Rua de São Lourenço, nº 23 Flamengos, 9900-401 Horta, Portugal, Phone: +351 292 948 140 Website

Porto Pim Aquarium also serves as a transfer station for live fish and a rescue center for sea life. The main tank is full of rescued creatures, with the sea turtle grabbing the most attention. Visits are by appointment only; the guide will talk you through the common coastal species, as well as those dwelling along the continental shelf adjacent to the archipelago. Address: Monte da Guia, 9900-000 Horta, Portugal, Phone: +351 964 971 484